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Keeping Your Magformers Clean

Keeping Your Magformers Clean

It’s always a good idea to clean your kids’ toys from time to time, and as the world closely monitors the Coronavirus, what better time to take extra precautions with the toys and learning tools so often used during playtime. And as we all continue to stay updated on the situation, we thought we’d share a few tips and rules to follow for keeping your Magformers pieces clean.

Gentle Cleansers work best - Avoid using any harsh chemicals like bleach or alcohol. Using standard multi-purpose cleaner or other gentle household cleanser on a damp cloth works best.
Keep on dryland - Never submerge your Magformers pieces in water or put into a dishwasher or washing machine. Use a damp rag or cloth to wipe down each piece and then let air dry.
Recommended for Indoors - We recommend using only indoors to prevent damage from outside use. Also, we recommend keeping product out of direct sunlight and out of places with high humidity.
These are our 3 rules to follow to keep your Magformers clean and in their best condition. Stay safe, stay clean and remember to wash those hands!

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